What is nearshoring?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the production of good and services around the world was disrupted, mainly due to the closure of many countries. This affected the logistics movement, resulting in a seriously affected global supply chain.

This brought to light the need to take measures that reduce the risks of affecting the supply chain and one of those actions is precisely what is known as nearshoring.

Keeping things simple, this strategy is to keep providers in close proximity and preferably within the same time zone.

Large companies many years ago implemented offshoring strategies, which led them to decentralize some of their operations in countries that offered them savings and/or access to cheap labor, on many occasions these operations were established in distant countries, generally in Asia.

The ease of transportation and the available technology allowed operations to be carried out without major problems for a long time and we were making what we call “globalization” more and more common.

An event like COVID showed the fragility of this model, which is why the production chains are now moving and with it also the supply chains to closer places and this is what we now know as nearshoring.

In this context, Mexico is becoming a highly attractive alternative for companies, due to its proximity to the United States, which is the country with the highest import of products in the world, and the availability of qualified labor.

Additionally, Mexico has a good infrastructure both in industrial parks and in communication routes, especially in the north of the country.

At BeSa® we are aware of the challenges that this opportunity entails and the importance of agility in business, which is why, thanks to our experience of more than 20 years, we have developed two services specially designed for companies that want to reach our country.

Employer of Records (#EOR) is a service that allows a foreign company in a few days to have staff working for its clients here in Mexico.

Human Resource Outsourcing (#HRO) through this service, companies delegate one or more of the human capital processes to a professional employing company (#PEO) such as #BeSa ®

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